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tfd Challenge Series

Over the past couple of months you might have noticed that we have been introducing a stream new of challenges with some fantastic prizes, which can be found on our challenge board and on our social media feeds. A massive thank you to The Blowing Stone and La Bobina for sponsoring our previous Supper Series challenges.

We want to emphasize that entering into these competitions, isn’t about winning. It’s about the journey you take on every time you enter the gym and the journey of preparing your body for the next goal, pushing your physical and mental capabilities.

Keep an eye out as we reveal more gut wrenching sequences and alternative challenges such as the Lotto Challenge, which will be posted on our #TFDChallengeOn Facebook group.  Get involved and feel free to ask any one of our instructors to demonstrate or help you with your entry. Included in every membership is the ability to book in time with our instructors who will help you develop your technique or create a program to help you fulfill your fitness goals, so make the most of this time and chat to one of the team about how to enter.


More exciting new classes for 2019

brand new classes to challenge and motivate you!

we’re excited to introduce some new class instructors and classes to tfd this summer. they will be joining our already loved team to work your body and mind, whilst they motivate and entertain you. our aim is to bring even more diversity and some new, fun classes to our studios.

new to the schedule…

Dance Aerobics Friday 09.15 with Audrina

Yogalates Friday 10.15 with Audrina

Dynamic Step Thursday 19.00 with Noemi

Boxing Bootcamp Monday 18.00 with Aliysa

Vi-Box Wednesday 19.15 with Eloise (coming soon)

Spin & VIBE classes…

Monday 06.30 VIBE with Michael

Monday 18.15 with Alfie

Tuesday 19.00 with Jamie

Wednesday 18.00 with Claire

Wednesday 18:30 VIBE with Eloise

Thursday 18.15 with Noemi

Thursday 18.45 with John

Friday 18.15 with Alfie

Saturday 08:30 VIBE  with Michael


take a look at our exciting new schedule on our classes page for a printable copy, or members can view and book via our FitSense App

Brand new booking app for tfd members…

We have launched our brand new FitSense members app to make your fitness journey even easier

  • view class schedule & timetable in the app
  • manage your class bookings with ease
  • join a waiting list to be notified when a slot becomes available
  • view your position on the waiting list
  • & lots more
Get started now…
  1. go to the app store (iOS & Android)
  2. search FitSense
  3. install app
  4. activate your account (for this it will ask for your name, date of birth, email address & postcode). these need to match what we have on our system, so if you’ve got a new email address or have moved house, give us a ring on 01235 772995 or email info@tfdgym.co.uk so we can update our records.
  5. your password will be emailed to you
  6. log in & start booking!

Gym Opening Hours

Mon – Thu               6am to 10pm

Fri                           6am to 9pm

Sat – Sun                8am to 4pm

Bank Holiday          8am to 12pm