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Booking Gym Sessions & Classes

GYM SESSIONS will need to be booked via the FitSense app and can be booked 7 days in advance. These slots are every hour on the hour and you can book a maximum of 2 slots per day. You may arrive and leave anytime within your booked timeslot. Upon entry we will ask you to check in and sanitise your hands. We are doing temperature spot checks using our handheld infrared thermometer. Please wear a face covering as you enter and until you get into the gym to start your workout. Follow our one way system along the corridor and make your way into the gym. You will find pink sanitiser spray around the gym – please use these to wipe down all equipment you have used or touched. We will do an announcement 5-10 minutes before the end of each session so that you know when each session is coming to an end. If you have a double session booked then carry on with your workout. Please exit promptly by the end of your booked session and wear your face covering as you leave the gym.


CLASS SESSIONS will need to be booked via the FitSense app and can also be booked 7 days in advance. Due to current restrictions on class numbers you can book up to 2 classes per day. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the class start time, then scan to check in and sanitise your hands. You may have your temperature taken with our handheld infrared thermometer as we are doing spot checks. You can then make your way to the studio and stand on your marker (these are spaced out over 2m apart). You must stay on your marker and do not touch any equipment until your instructor enters the studio. Please keep your face covering on until the class is starting, and afterwards please put your face covering back on before you exit the studio.

If you are doing a second class you may go straight to the next studio and wait on your marker with your face covering on, without touching any equipment.  If you are booked onto the gym floor you may head straight there, or you can make your way out of the building if you are finished.

Class changes from 1st October

Monday 7.10pm Pilates with Elaine

Tuesday 7.10pm Cardio Tone with Jo

Thursday 6.00pm Kettlebells with Alex

Thursday 7.10pm Spin with Blake

Friday 6.40pm Spin with Kim



Updated virtual classes with new routines and exercises, along with BRAND NEW CLASSES:

Monday 6.45pm Core Conditioning with Kim

Wednesday 5.45pm Kettlebells with Alex

Wednesday 6.15pm Fitball with Lisa

Saturday 9.00am Cardio Combat with Steffi

Sunday 8.30am Spin with Kim

Daily at 8.45pm Post Workout Stretch with Kim


Make sure you book into these virtual classes on FitSense to give them a try. You can do them anywhere and at anytime to suit you!

FitSense & Body Composition 

Download our FitSense members app to make your fitness journey even easier

  • view class schedule & timetable in the app
  • manage your class bookings with ease
  • join a waiting list to be notified when a slot becomes available
  • view your position on the waiting list
  • & lots more

Get started now…

  1. go to the app store (iOS & Android)
  2. search FitSense
  3. install app
  4. activate your account (for this it will ask for your name, date of birth, email address & postcode). these need to match what we have on our system, so if you’ve got a new email address or have moved house, give us a ring on 01235 772995 or email info@tfdgym.co.uk so we can update our records.
  5. your password will be emailed to you
  6. log in & start booking!


We now offer Body Composition tests where you can book a 15 minute appointment with one of our instructors to find out your Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, Metabolic Age, Bone Density and much more! Your results will download straight to your FitSense app and you will be able to compare your results on any future tests that you do.

Ask at reception to book in your Body Composition today!

Gym Opening Hours

Mon – Fri               6am to 9pm

Sat – Sun                8am to 4pm

Bank Holiday          8am to 12pm