Class Descriptions


An instructor led high energy cycling class held in our dedicated spin studio. Fun and energetic, it will give you a good calorie burning workout.


High intensity training to improve overall fitness levels and toning. A mixture of cardio and resistance exercises.

Dynamic Pump

Using a barbell and weights you will follow a sequence of endurance toning exercises to sculpt and change your body shape and feel great.

Total Body Workout

A brilliant way to incorporate cv and toning into your workout. Total body workout is in the studio in a circuit based class, using your body-weight.

Boxing Bootcamp

Pad work, boxing drills and body-weight exercises for fitness and strength!

Cardio HIIT

Cardio HIIT is a bodyweight high intensity inter-val training class, which benefits both cardio-vascular fitness and strength. You’ll incorporate challenging drills and explosive moves to help burn calories and give you an awesome workout.

Core Conditioning

Targets abdominal muscles, lower back and overall core strength

Vibe Cycle

A great fun workout, where each participant is in total control of their own resistance level. It is a fantastic way of getting fit and burning plenty of calories while enjoying the rhythm & music.

Club Fit Cardio

Fun easy to follow aerobic workout with classic club anthems from the 80’s 90’s & 00’s with a club atmosphere.


Fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout which is fun and easy to do. Ditch the workout, join the party!


A lively, energetic, fat burning and sculpting class that will get your heart pumping. Classic class for all round fitness and weight loss.

Body Conditioning

An all over body workout using the body weight to tone and shape the body.


Challenging high intensity, calorie burning, cardio conditioning and total body strength drills, designed for people of all levels.

Dance Fit

Dance aerobics class for all round fitness & weight loss with tunes from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s that are guaranteed to make you sweat! A lively, energetic, fat burning & sculpting class that will get your heart pumping.


Push your limits. A HIIT workout led by music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals with an athletic, conditioning-style format.

Cardio Tone

Mixture of aerobic, bodyweight and plate weight exercises to music.


A series of exercises designed to tone and strengthen the whole body. A real focus class working on those hard to reach areas and core.


Slow and focused moves derived from yoga and tai chi, providing strength and flexibility to the core. Improves back and abdominal strength as well as posture.


Fusion of yoga and pilates creating a stronger core and relaxing the mind, including a good full body stretch.

Fitness Yoga

Focuses on breath awareness and merging breath with movement. Postures aid in producing both physical and mental benefits, at times allowing the mind to take a much needed break, giving the body an opportunity to move freely. invigorating and relaxing!


An easy to follow high intensity fusion of box-ing, cardio, dance and sculpting set to the hot-test beats from all decades.


Kettlebells can be used in explosive swinging  movements utilizing the whole body along with momentum or used in more traditional press and squat exercises.

Power Fit

Improve fitness with a mixture of sports and conditioning, through  functional movement, core strengthening and mobility. Includes lifts and technique, with a WOD.